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Audiovisual media, self-correcting exercises, online messaging service available 24/7… A 100% online preparatory class designed for an interactive learning.

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As our courses are entirely customizable, you are able to build your own training program, according to your own needs and ambitions. This can be achieved with our 4 training programs ; in this manner, you can pick one or several courses in order to take the 4 different Sciences Po Concours commun entrance exams. You can also go for add-on modules, such as a classroom mock exam.

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e-learning to work at your own pace

Online campus :

How does it work ?

The campus is a digital space where you can find all of your chosen courses’ educational tools, as well as the training schedule. There are other resources such as written exercises, past papers, corrected papers,… In a nutshell, this online campus provides a lot of educational support worth checking online or downloading.
On this campus, you can also find an area dedicated to the assignments you will have to submit, whether you send them online or via mail. This digital platform also allows students to reach out for teachers anytime, through an online 24/7 messaging service.

  • A personalized digital space available 24/7
  • The possibility to check press reviews and collection of past papers online
  • The ability to extend your learning over the course of the year with add-on modules and complementary training

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Tremplin Première offers you the possibility of additional language training with an LV2 (Spanish, Italian, German).*

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*Paid option


The entrance examination for the first year of Sciences Po Paris includes an option to choose between the following three subjects: Mathematics, Economic and Social Sciences, Literature and Philosophy). For all those who wish, Tremplin Première offers the Mathematics Module+. Based on the 1st S program, this fully digitalized optional module includes video lessons, numerous self-correction exercises and two corrected and analyzed assignments.*

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Tremplin Première

how does it work ?

For over ten years, we have successfully been helping our students willing to enter one of the 10 Sciences Po’s 1st year in France. Learning is indeed a complex science, this is why we have developed our own teaching engineering based on progressive learning of the essay methodology. A lot of educational tools coming out of this engineering (online assignments, methodology sheets, exercises,…) are available on the personalized campus. We are deeply convinced that preparing for entrance exams is not only about memorizing lessons but also structuring ideas for the student to use his knowledge wisely. In order to help the applicants organize their learning, our pedagogical coordinators created a content publishing schedule inherently matching the year’s goals and students’ parallel studies.

  • A publishing schedule created by our educational team in order to fit with high school students’ timetables
  • Add-ons to get your own tailored-made program

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  • 4 thematic files to work on comprehension skills (written and oral) as well as written expression.
  • A variety of work supports: press articles, interviews, audio documents, film extracts…
  • 48 grammar and vocabulary activities
  • 9 issues of the magazine interactif HighLights to keep abreast of current world events and assess their level of understanding (numerous online quizzes, synonymy test training, lexical enrichment)
  • 3 assignments noted and commented by our trainers
  • 6 dossiers covering the entire history programme of the competition.
  • A set of 15 interactive lessons to discover and build your course.
  • Illustrated and interactive timelines to clearly visualize the events to remember.
  • 70 fun learning activities (challenges, puzzles, speed games, quizzes) to memorize the course.
  • 6 analytical works to reflect on the key points of the programme.
  • A guided approach to appropriate essay techniques.
  • 3 assignments noted and commented by our trainers.
  • A collaborative press wall
  • 4 issues of the cultural magazine “Tremplin Le Mag”.
  • An art history section.
  • 4 thematic dossiers to develop one’s culture and appropriate essay techniques: Learn to debate, know how to convince, understand geopolitics, discover philosophy.
  • Many quizzes
  • Memo cards to remember the essentials.
  • Methodological tips and tricks
  • 2 assignments noted and commented by our trainers (essays)
  • Walls of sharing: Our cultural favorites. Tremplin Première is also a community!


  • 4 literature files to better prepare for the requirements of the French bac.
  • A methodological toolbox
  • Many fun quizzes to memorize and check your understanding of the texts.
  • 2 assignments noted and commented by our trainers and two assignments in autonomy

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  2. Campus closure



« “I have enrolled to Tremplin Première last September, and I would like to thank the correctors for their attention towards my papers. It’s hard work, but it is worth it !. »

Lou B., 16 years old

« Preparing for Sciences Po felt like a mountain to climb, but Tremplin Première made me realize I could make it anyway. The only negative thing is the volume of work I got to do, although I think this prepares better for next year. »

Sybille A., 17 years old

« Thank you Tremplin for your support in this huge challenge that is Sciences Po ! »

Victor F. 17 years old

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